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      IntroductionSpecializing in the production of automotive production lines, three-dimensional garage integrated solutions for the enterprise.

      Leader speak

      Leader speak

      Since the establishment of the company since its establishment, we always adhere to the "customer needs is our mission, to reflect the integrity of the professional service quality of service". To implement the "people-oriented, technology leading, customer first" business philosophy, in order to achieve double increase economic efficiency and social benefits for all employees, diligent and enterprising spirit, to promote the development of enterprises and fulfill the social responsibility to contribute more.

      Finely crafted, we down-to-earth; mind the world, we are ambitious. In the face of the future, we have only one goal: through its own strength and contribution to society, with the "integrity and quality" to shape the machinery industry's outstanding brand.

      We are convinced that: vigorously carry forward the spirit of Guanyu, not forget the early heart, continuous improvement. The maturity of Guanyu will be a more robust pace, with a sense of urgency, the top of the mission ahead Time will not wait for me. Uphold the integrity, open concept, our company is willing to work together with you to create a more glorious and resplendent tomorrow!

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