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      Common parking lot parking habits and systems management

      View:782 times  Time:2016-12-30
      Parking lot size of each are not identical, to the management pattern also have differences, according to its own conditions, managers need to choose to apply economic, stable management procedure, so as not to choose the high cost management system...
      With the rapid development of automobile industry, car ownership has increased dramatically in our country. As part of the traffic facilities, parking lot with the busy and continuous development of transportation, people also constantly improve, to the requirement of the management are hope the management can achieve the result of convenient, quick and safe.
      Parking lot bad decomposition
      Parking lot for motorists, it is often in and out of place. Away from car to car into the fast lane, see will reach their destination, many owners tend to relax the mind of the root "strings". However, the count in the parking lot of accidents in recent years, the number is less.
      Parking lot has become one of the location of the accident, more news media summarized the parking lot to drive the vehicle's six habits, to remind the owner parking traffic safety; Inventory six parking lot parking habits, do you have these?
      The speed limit when the air bad 1 entry
      Remind: underground car park slope is bigger, narrow and bend the nasty, when driving into, even if the entry is not set the speed limit signs, also had better pay attention to control the speed of the car. Turn, the steering wheel shoulds not be too hard, avoid scratching.
      Habit 2 into the parking lot is not turn on the light
      Remind: best open lamp driving into the parking lot, and in turn around by flash head lights and tail lights, alert other vehicles and pedestrians, to avoid an accident.
      Habit 3 car directly to the warehouse
      Remind: when parking best can back into the Treasury, so can leave away quickly, more can increase security index.
      Bad habits 4 parking at random to ignore lines
      Note: it is not in accordance with the parking line may cause a big influence to other vehicles, then affects the parking light to open the door, or easy to cause scratches accident. When parking should be in accordance with the marking parked his car in the parking space, which can avoid traffic accident damage, after people leave at the same time to avoid impact other vehicles.
      Habit 5 card payment does not handle brake
      Remind: when take card, and pay cost, regardless of the length of time, in the should learn brake, avoid the vehicle out of control.
      Habit 6 standing in the rear of the command astern
      Remind: parking in command, should keep a safe distance, standing beside the car, to avoid the front and the rear of the dangerous position, the main observation blind area location. The driver best open all the Windows, back into the Treasury in the rearview mirror.
      Common parking system
      Parking lot size of each are not identical, to the management pattern also have differences, according to its own conditions, managers need to choose to apply economic, stable management procedure, so as not to chose high cost management system. This article analyses the parking system have?
      "Standard parking system"
      Format: single channel in and out
      Characteristics: a into a
      Application scope: property management community, hotels, commercial buildings, institutions
      Features: a credit card charge or free parking card, vehicle in and out of the monitor
      【 combined parking system 】
      Form: dual channel or more single
      Features: enter much more
      Application: apply to private parking lot, public parking lot, parking lot of the scenic spot
      Features: vehicles entering and leaving management, vehicle monitoring, real-time charges
      The library in the library parking lot system 】
      Form: there is appearance/underground parking lots and parking lot
      Features: in the library has a library
      Application: apply to the underground parking garage, large industrial park, the school parking lot, industrial park
      Features: vehicles entering and leaving management, vehicle monitoring, real-time charging, financial statements, data synchronization
      "Parking guidance system"
      Form: surplus, according to the parking area to guide instructions
      Features: regional induced
      Application: apply to appeared in large parking lot, underground garage, three-dimensional parking building
      Features: parking guidance, parking time protection, vehicle monitoring and detection, rights management
      "Parking guidance system"
      Forms: remaining, according to the parking parking guidance
      Features: induction of parking lot
      Application scope: urban parking guidance, roadway taking-up parking lot
      Function characteristics: induction, remaining parking display, parking lot parking guidance, parking protection, real-time billing, rights management
      "Urban wisdom parking cloud platform"
      Form: parking lot parking data cloud synchronization
      Features: cloud induced
      Application scope: urban parking management solutions
      Features: parking lot cloud data processing, route guidance, guide, reverse car parking Spaces

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