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      Steel structure industrial building best way is to solve high energy consumption

      View:897 times  Time:2016-12-30
      Entering the 21st century, the steel structure industry development boom, coruscate gives new vitality. Steel structure with its unique anti-seismic capability is strong, fast construction speed, economical and practical advantages and accord with the requirement of green environmental protection performance and a large number of applications in industrial building in Shanghai. As the population of permanent residents and migrants "mass-oriented, low energy consumption residential and industrial buildings development in China is imminent.
      At present, the construction industry has been facing three problems, one is the initial planning is not reasonable cause blind demolition. The second is the quality problem of the industrial building itself, 3 it is problem of the sustainable building itself. Energy saving in the industrial construction, land, water saving, material saving problem is very important, it not only relates to the problem of industrial energy consumption, also involves the earth limited resources reasonable use. In the existing industrial buildings in Shanghai, more than 95% energy construction; Every year there is still more than 90% in the new industrial building belongs to the high energy consumption construction, if get promoted energy-saving and ground-saving steel structure, its social economic benefits and resources reuse of Shanghai has a positive effect. In the current our country advocates to develop the construction under the situation of energy saving and emission reduction.
      Steel structure has light weight, seismic capability is strong, can be 100% recycled material, truly green, no pollution; Steel structure with high efficiency and energy saving wall, can reach 50% of the energy-saving standard; The base covers an area of small reduced the mountain digging energy consume a large amount of land; Dry construction steel structure all industrialized manufacturing saves a lot of water, electricity, the investment of human resources. And so on, the steel structure is a series of advantages now industry building not second choice, especially in the Shanghai area people much less industrial economy is relatively developed, the use of steel structure is optimum.
      At present the European and American countries condemned buildings are high energy consumption in our country, our country should vigorously develop low energy consumption of steel structural steel structure building, a model role in our country. The current international situation and domestic policy adjustment endeavoring to steel structure industry development is to solve high energy consumption in our country industrial buildings is a good way.

      From: JiangSu GuanYu Machinery Manufactring Co.,Ltd.

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