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      Network frame steel structure building waterproof should be how to do

      View:692 times  Time:2016-12-30
      As we know, network frame steel structure building is a new type of building structure, in the current use of life and not fully spread. In the life the most used or traditional concrete buildings.
      Grid architecture mainly used in some large construction, although network frame building there are a lot of advantages, but its popularity has not reached the extent of the common. Mainly to you today about network frame steel structure building waterproof measures.
      1, construction measures, the use of grid of steel structure building waterproof materials use effect is not very ideal, and short service life. So network frame construction should first be familiar with the various measures of steel structure waterproof structure, and waterproof material also cannot little.
      2 the selection, construction, in order to guarantee network frame building waterproof effect, as far as possible choose single roof form, this is mainly in order to avoid the ditch within the building, and side ditch outside using gutter as far as possible. For the material choice, also according to the drainage slope, slope length for reasonable choice.
      3, drainage, the regional precipitation intensity is different, so in the design of drainage group, to fully reference some precipitation data, to the reasonable layout of drainage point.

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