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      Problem which should pay attention to the construction of steel structure engineering winter?

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      Winter construction steel structure engineering measures:
      1. The steel structure production and installation of winter construction strictly according to the relevant provisions of winter construction of steel structure.
      2. Zero degrees Celsius above or below the steel members when installation, components should be taken into account according to environment temperature difference shrinkage, and adopt measures to adjust the deviation in the construction.
      3. Attend below zero degrees Celsius steel structure construction of the welders should receive negative temperature welding technology training, and have a corresponding certificate operation certificate.
      4. Use of steel and related link under negative temperature material must be accompanied by certificate of quality, performance in line with the requirements of design and product specification standard.
      5. Below zero degrees Celsius using electrode exposed to no more than 2 hours, more than two hours to bake, electrode roasting times no more than 3 times.
      6. Flux before use according to the provisions of baking, its water content is less than 0.1%.
      7. Below zero degrees Celsius using high strength bolts shall be product certificate, and torque under the negative temperature coefficient, axial force of the reinspection do not work.
      8. Below zero degrees Celsius coatings shall not use water-based coatings used in the steel structure.
      9. The component under way, shrinkage allowance should be reserved, should with steel welding shrinkage and compression deformation of contraction deformation in below zero degrees Celsius.
      10. Component assembly, as stipulated in the process of the order from inside to outside extension spellers, making a test to determine when negative temperature spellers need to reserve the weld shrinkage value.
      11. The component assembly, clean the rust of the in seam 50 mm, burrs, dirt, oil, ice and other sundry, keep the juncture dry residual moisture.
      12. Below zero degrees Celsius for more than 9 mm steel plate welding should be used when multi-layer welding, weld surfacing from down to up step by step, every article weld after welding, such as welding, the welding before removal of welding defects again. It is strictly prohibited in the welding arc on the parent metal.
      13. The steel structure installation, such as snow or wind speed over 6 m/s, erection of protective casing.
      14. The unqualified weld root out the heavy welding, in accordance with the provisions of the steel structure welding process under negative temperature for welding.
      15. When the environment temperature is lower than 0 ℃, coating process test before besmear brushs anticorrosive coatings, besmear brushs the rust on the surface of the components must be clean up, the content such as oil pollution, burr, and keep the surface drying. When snow or ice on artifacts coating work may be undertaken.
      16. Winter transportation, piled up anti-skid measures when the steel structure, component solid no puddle stacking area, the ground ice-free. Same type components are stacked, artifacts should be level, shim on the same vertical line, and prevent the skid.
      17. The steel structure before installation according to the requirement of the negative temperature conditions, its quality is the reinspection, leak and deformation occurring during transport to pile up in the production of components, a correction on the ground for repair.
      18. The preparation of steel members installation sequence diagram according to the temperature conditions, the construction in strict accordance with the provisions of the order for installation.
      19. According to the temperature conditions of preparation of steel members installation sequence diagrams, when construction in strict accordance with the provisions of the order for installation.
      20. Prepare the steel structure welding process, a member shall not simultaneously welding on both ends.
      21. Before installation to remove surface ice, snow and dew, but shall not damage the coating.
      22. The pillars of negative temperature installation, main girder to correct immediately, immediately correct position permanently fixed, and the installation of components to form a stable system of space.
      23. The high-strength bolt joint when installation components of friction surface can not have snow ice, may not contact with dirt, grease and other stolen goods.
      24. The installation quality of steel structure under negative temperature in addition to comply with the construction and acceptance of steel structure engineering requirements, should also check acceptance according to design requirements.

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