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      Elevator maintenance of common sense

      View:711 times  Time:2016-12-30
      Lift machine of fair use and maintenance, is our mechanized construction enterprise to use two essential lift machine. To use good lift machine, the first thing to maintenance, inspection.some lift machine. The purpose of, in turn, to maintain good lift machine is to make the lift machine use well. So the mechanization of highway construction enterprise to deal with the relationship between accurately, paying equal attention to fair use and maintenance, to make the elevator mechanical display greater potential, ensure the quality of highway engineering construction, speed up the highway engineering construction progress, progress enterprise economic benefits. Accurate use of lift machine is lift machine utilization progress and excavate the potential of an important factor. By correct use, can make the lift machine out of order or less is not out of order, reduce the maintenance materials of parts of shut-down times consumption and construction process, to ensure the quality of the highway engineering construction and progress. We require each mechanical manipulation hand, seriously implement rules of manipulation and maintenance regulations, not illegal manipulation, find the questions in a timely manner to eliminate, make the highway engineering construction to reduce the capital, speed up the construction progress, improved efficiency, prolong the service life of the lift machine. Mandatory maintenance per month is our according to the actual situation of lift machine and take effective measures. Because modern highway construction is high strength, lift machine basically in a state of full capacity, want to take time out for not shown failure diagnosis and elimination is not possible. So when forced to maintain a month, for all the function of lift machine in parts, subject to the surface of handle in time. Mandatory maintenance in addition to the daily maintenance of class projects, to some link mandatory after each maintenance engineering department must carry on the strict check. Through inspection, find the topic, timely treatment, and the maintenance is not really on the economy and offer certain on administrative punishment. Through the elevator mechanical force and maintenance, make the lift machine utilization and pipe to progress. Reasonable use of lift machine, make its potential maximum limit display, is the desires of mechanization of highway construction enterprise, the maintenance and repair is the essential condition of maximum cast mechanical efficiency. In recent years, my unit during the construction of a highway mechanization, carried out in accordance with the principle of paying equal attention to "use and maintenance management, changed the former only pay attention to in the construction machinery, mechanical maintenance, does not pay attention to the topic of a lot easier to find overlooked, the result of some equipment small title into a big failure, some even scrapped in advance. This greatly increases the mechanical maintenance capital not only, and delays in construction, some even cause project quality. For this kind of situation, on the control of machinery to formulate and we determine the per shift and maintenance content, and supervise the implementation. 2-3 days at the end of a month for maintenance, make a lot of failure in not flush before they can be ruled out. As in the song after breath busy road interchange, the construction of the large bridge, the 1999 purchase of HZS50 cement concrete mixer, we seriously implement rules of manipulation and maintenance regulations, sticking to class to maintain, Lift machine accurately using direct relationship to the highway engineering quality, progress and benefits, and lift machine repair and maintenance is the guarantee of complete production tasks. Accurate processing machinery use and maintenance, is the modern highway construction enterprises the mechanical construction of a critical issue

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